Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions: Season 2

(views: 76)

Yuuta suffered from chuunibyou while he was in middle school. When he graduated he try to forgot about it but he accidentally got into a contract with Rikka and disrupts his desperately ordinary...
Animation, Comedy, Drama

Paranormal Sex Tape

(views: 72)

Based on real events that occurred in Europe in 2010. There are over 25000 demonic possessions reported each year - many of those claim to be possessed during sexual intercourse. After a...

Team Sanchez: Season 3

(views: 66)

An extreme version of Jackass. From naked paintballing to ear stapling Pritchard Dainton Joyce and Pancho will go to any lengths to cause serious damage to themselves and each...
Action, Comedy, Reality-TV

Detective Conan: Season 1

(views: 58)

The cases of a detective whose physical age was chemically reversed to that of a prepubescent boy but must hide his true mental...
Animation, Comedy, Crime

Soundbreaking: Stories From The Cutting Edge Of Recorded Music: Season 1

(views: 56)

Music has been a constant in human history an intermingling of voice and instrument that for all its local variation and increasing sophistication nevertheless endured in more or less the same form for centuries. Then came recording––and music was forever transformed. Soundbreaking an eight-part event television series traces this ongoing sonic revolution and explores the nexus of...

Most Likely To Die

(views: 48)

A group of former classmates gather for a pre-party at one of their homes the night before their 10-year high school reunion and one by one they are brutally slain in a manner befitting eachs senior yearbook...

American Pie 3: American Wedding

(views: 43)

Storyline: Jim Levenstein has finally found the courage to ask his girlfriend Michelle Flaherty to marry him. She agrees to get married but the problems dont stop there for Jim. Now along with Paul Finch and Kevin Myers Jim must plan the wedding. Unfortunately Steve Stifler is in town and wont let the wedding go past without having some fun himself which includes setting up a secret...
Comedy, Romance

Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason

(views: 42)

After finding love Bridget Jones questions if she really has everything shes dreamed of...
Comedy, Romance

Sarah And Duck Season 3

(views: 41)

A girl called Sarah and her...
Animation, Family

Carpoolers: Season 2

(views: 40)

A group of guys who carpool to work together from their suburban...

The Hollow Point

(views: 39)

A new sheriff of a small town along the U.S. & Mexico border investigates a drug cartel deal that went horribly...
Crime, Thriller


The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore: Season 1

(views: 269)

A late night satirical talk show hosted by Larry...
Comedy, News, Talk-Show

Lethal Weapon: Season 1

(views: 165)

TV show based on the popular Lethal Weapon films in which a slightly unhinged cop is partnered with a veteran detective trying to maintain a low stress level in his...
Action, Crime, Drama

You Can't Do That On Television: Season 11

(views: 148)

Sketch TV by young amateur actors in true classic Nick-style. But whatever you do never admit that you dont know or ask for...
Family, Comedy

Saved By The Bell: The New Class: Season 3

(views: 143)

A new group of students are now making their way through the halls of Bayside High School. Mr. Belding is still the principal and Screech is now his...
Comedy, Family

Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu No Cocotama

(views: 126)

Nanami Momozonos dad skips town she is then visited by debt collectors and kicked out of her home. So when a man offers her his home she immediately accepts. The place is a shrine and...
Animation, Comedy, Fantasy

The Late Late Show With James Corden: Season 1

(views: 108)

Once Craig Ferguson retires James Corden will be taking over The Late Late Show. The show is a late night talk show that interviews celebrities and has its own bits. And of course its all hosted by James...
Comedy, Talk-Show

Storage Wars: Texas: Season 3

(views: 100)

Professional buyers go head to head to buy storage. The catch is they do not know what their profit will...

High Kick Through The Roof!

(views: 100)

Shin Se Kyung and Shin Shin Ae Seo Shin Ae are a pair of sisters who came to work as maids in Foodstuff company President Lee Sun Jaes house after their debt-ridden father Shin Dal Ho Jung Seok Yong runs away leaving them to fend for themselves. Due to the sisters living their lives in the mountains everything in the city outside world are both new and curious for them specially for...

New Princess Returning Pearl

(views: 87)

Zi Wei an illegitimate child of Qianlong Emperor makes her way to the capital where she meets Xiao Yan Zi. The two girls become sworn sisters and Xiao Yan Zi promises to help Zi Wei find her father Qianlong Emperor. Xiao Yan Zi decides to sneak into the mountain where the Emperor hunts but Zi Wei is weak and she is unable to get across the mountain so she asks Xiao Yan Zi to tell the Emperor...

The Forensic Files: Season 11

(views: 85)

A series featuring detailed accounts on how notable crimes and diseases were solved through forensic...
Documentary, Crime

The Return Of Hwang Geum-bok!

(views: 83)

A drama of Chaebols and secrets of birth. Park Ye Ryung Lee Elliya is the daughter of a poor and crass single mother. Meanwhile Hwang Geum Bok Shin Da Eun is Ye...
Drama ; Romance ; Family

American Dragon: Jake Long: Season 2

(views: 83)

A teenage slacker is given the ability to turn into the American Dragon and defends all mythical creatures that secretly reside in the human...
Animation, Family

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