Wangan Midnight The Movie

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Wangan Midnight The Movie based on hit manga written by Michiharu Kusunoki the film stars Yuichi Nakamura of D-BOYS Kazuki Kato and Ryoko Kobayashi. The story centers on a young man named Akio Asakura a 3rd-year high school student who salvages Devil Z a custom-tuned Datsun Fairlady S30Z car with a supposedly cursed history despite not having a drivers license and having no idea how to...
Action, Based on a Comic

Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai: Season 1

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The adventures of a young wandering swordsman who stumbles upon a struggling martial arts school in Meiji era...
Animation, Action, Adventure

Blood On The Flat Track: The Rise Of The Rat City Rollergirls

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The sport of womens roller derby has made an enormous comeback now with more than 30 leagues nationwide forming the Womens Flat Track Derby Association. Blood on the Flat Track focuses...
Documentary, Sport

That Midnight Kiss

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In Philadelphia the soprano Prudence Budell returns from Europe after a period of five years training in the best Europeans music schools. Her millionaire grandmother Abigail Trent Budell...
Musical, Romance

Stranger In Paradise 2016

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In a classroom newly arrived refugees learn a lesson about multifarious Europe. Operating at the intersection of fiction and documentary Stranger in Paradise reflects on the power...

Alice In Wonderland

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Storyline: Alice an unpretentious and individual 19-year-old is betrothed to a dunce of an English nobleman. At her engagement party she escapes the crowd to consider whether to go through with the marriage and falls down a hole in the garden after spotting an unusual rabbit. Arriving in a strange and surreal place called Underland she finds herself in a world that resembles the nightmares...
Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Infernal Affairs

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Storyline: Chan Wing Yan a young police officer has been sent undercover as a mole in the local mafia. Lau Kin Ming a young mafia member infiltrates the police force. Years later their older counterparts Chen Wing Yan and Inspector Lau Kin Ming respectively race against time to expose the mole within their...
Action |Crime, Mystery, Thriller

20th Century Women

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The story of three women who explore love and freedom in Southern California during the late...
Comedy, Drama

Girlfriend's Day

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In a city where greeting card writers are celebrated like movie stars Romance writer Ray used to be the king. In trying to recapture the feelings that once made him the greatest he gets entangled in a web of murder and deceit as writers vie to create the perfect card for a new holiday: Girlfriends...
Comedy, Drama

Black Eagle

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Storyline: One of the US Air Forces most modern tactical aircrafts a F-100 with a new laser guidance system crashes into the sea near Malta - a region where the Soviet forces are highly present too. The CIA immediately sends out their best secret agent Ken Tami to salvage the system before it falls into enemy hands. To ensure his loyalty they bring his two young sons to a nearby hotel on the...
Action, Drama

The Money Pit

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Storyline: Walter Fielding and Anna Crowley have to start looking for a new house- but theres not much they can afford! This soon changes when they meet a lonely old con artist who sells them a beautiful mansion at a ridiculously low price. Only theres a catch. The second they move into the house it falls apart starting with the stairway collapsing to the bathtub falling through the floor to...
Comedy, Music

Joy Ride

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Storyline: College student Lewis decides to drive across the country to see Venna a friend who doesnt know that Lewis is interested in her romantically. Unfortunately for his plans Lewis gets saddled with his raucous-spirited older brother Fuller whose on-the-road pranks get the brothers and Venna sucked into a nightmare when a psychotic truckdriver takes...
Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

The Rocketeer

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Storyline: Straight from the pages of a pulp comic from a past era the Rocketeer recreates 1930s Hollywood complete with gangsters Nazi spies and the growth of the Age of Aviation. Young pilot Cliff Secord stumbles on a top secret rocket-pack and with the help of his mechanic/mentor Peevee he attempts to save his girl and stop the Nazis as The...
Action, Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi

Exit Humanity

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Storyline: A young mans struggle to survive in the aftermath of a deadly undead outbreak during the American Civil...
Drama, Horror


Detective Conan (sub)

(views: 8)

The cases of a detective whose physical age was chemically reversed to that of a prepubescent boy but must hide his true mental...
Animation, Comedy, Crime

Detective Conan (case Closed)

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Detective Conan is famous anime about Shinichi is a seventeen year-old high school detective one day he woke up and find that he become a child just only 7 years old. In other to find the season and who make him become like that.... Detective Conan is famous anime about Shinichi is a seventeen year-old high school detective one day he woke up and find that he become a child just only 7 years...
Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Police, Shounen

Prisoner: Cell Block H: Season 1

(views: 2)

The lives of women behind bars in a female...
Crime, Drama

Doctor Who 1963: Season 22

(views: 1)

Time and Space traveling adventures of a Gallifreyan Time Lord only known as the Doctor and his companions traveling through time and...
Adventure, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi

Home Alone: Season 1

(views: 1)

When night falls and youre the only one at home the coziest of houses can transform into a sinister unfamiliar labyrinth. A noise in the yard or an unfamiliar shadow down the hall can send shivers down the spine especially when you discover there is someone else in the house. In the suspense-filled new series Home Alone a quiet suburban house becomes the setting for unimaginable horror....
Crime, Horror

Detective Conan Full Season

(views: 1)

3 Police officers got killed. Then Ran saw the murderer killing her best friend and she lost her memory. Now Conan and Inspector Megure are trying to find the...
Animation, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Anime

One Piece

(views: 1)

Follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his friends in order to find the greatest treasure ever left by the legendary Pirate Gol D Roger. The famous mystery treasure named One...
Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Anime

Inspector George Gently: Season 7

(views: 1)

With the help of DS John Bacchus Inspector George Gently spends his days bringing to justice members of the criminal underworld who are unfortunate enough to have the intrepid investigator assigned to their...
Crime, Drama, Mystery

War Of The Worlds: Season 1

(views: 1)

Humanity must resume its war against the Martians after they revive after decades of hibernation after their defeat in the...
Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Kurokami The Animation

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In this world there are three identical looking people in existence who split between them an energy-like force called Terra. This energy can be attributed to the amount of Luck or Life Energy that an individual possesses. There also exists beings who observe the human world maintaining the balance of Terra known as the Coexistence Equilibrium. These beings possess ability that surpass that of...
Action, Martial Arts, Super Power

Baby Faced Beauty

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Storyline: The story of Lee So Young a 34-year-old woman whos saddled with family debt and only has a high school qualifications but dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Her youthful appearance is her only advantage; she is mistaken for a 25-year-old university graduate and subsequently lands her dream job when shes hired by a fashion design company where she meets Choi Jin Wook a man who...
Romance, Comedy

Parenting For Idiots: Season 1

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A cast of famous faces share their own comedic parenting magic moments and horror stories while child-free celebrities experience for themselves a few of the realities of looking after a...

Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying

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Smart Krissada Pornweroj as Totsawin Peeranee Kongthai Matt as Jomjai Phonphiphat Margie Rasri Balenciaga as Kaewsai Benjakorn Louis Scott as Chatsawin Mint Chalida Wijitwongtong as Kun Phongwalaiporn First Ekkaphong Jongkesakorn as Atsawin Sukontawa Kerdnimit Mai as Risa Ron Banjongsang as Nathalie Davies Nathalie as Lalin Wongarayan Wiragarn Seneetunti Maprang as Ninrat Metakhom Three...
Comedy, Drama, Romance

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