Defendant 2017

Genre: Asian Drama, Asian Law Drama, Asian Mystery Drama, Asian Suspense Drama, Asian Thriller Drama
Release: 2017
Views: 14 viewed

Defendant Movie Abstract Content :

Park Jeong Woo is a prosecutor at Seoul Central District Prosecutors


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Bewitched In Tokyo (okusama Wa Majo)

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The wife is a witch! But she likes humans and she loves her husband. Arisa is fascinated by humans. So much so that she leaves the magic world. But the broom she uses is faulty and she winds up in Japan. There she meets Joji Matsui who works at an advertising agency. Joji has been assigned by his boss Ichio Suzuki the difficult task of winning over Shiori Nomo who is in charge of corporate...
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Love & Life & Lie

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An accident changes her life forever. Liu Xin Tong Zhou Dong Yu is an optimistic girl who comes from an impoverished family. But when an accident occurs Xin Tong and her mother are forced to move into the home of the wealthy businessman Ji Bai Jun. There Xin Tong lives with the two Ji kids the spoiled Zhi Zhen Ye Qing and the sweet Zhen Yu Jia Jing Hui and also meets their friend Li...
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The Day After We Broke Up

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Yoo Tak the leader and vocalist of an indie band called One More Time which he started with his childhood friends....
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Arrogant Flame

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Plerng played by Mario Maurer is the only son of Pipat and Pongpaew who lives in Ranong and does fishing for a living. Pipat is actually the eldest son of Khun Ying Tongtraa Chatayothin the owner of Thai Diamonds Company or Phet Thai. Twenty years back Pipat fell in love with Pongpaew a poor woman who Khun Ying Tongtraa despised. Pipat was given two choices: stay with his mother or leave...
Asian Drama, Asian Family Drama, Asian Romance Drama

Solomon's Perjury 2017

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A male students body has been found at the school in Christmas morning. After the police have determined it as suicide an anonymous note citing it was actually a murder suddenly spreads widely. To prevent further chaos and witch-hunt Go Seo Yun one of the students who first found the body decides to take the matter into her hands by conducting an independent...
Asian Mystery Drama, Asian School Drama

Duang Jai Akkanee

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Destined to become enemies due to the rivalry beginning from their parents generation Akkanee Fai and Ajjima Jeed can never seem to get along. On the contrary Heaven seemed to have other plans for them. After an unforgettable misunderstanding and the rivalry between the two families their lives were forever...
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Beyond The Rainbow

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This drama is set against a public housing estate and captures how the Hong Kong people have strove to better their lives over the decades. Like a big family a small family works hard to build their own...
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Kaew Lorm Phet

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Pikul runs away to Bangkok while she is 9 months pregnant. That same night a businessman and his wife Lada who is also 9 months pregnant gets into a car accident with the bus Pikul was on. The crash causes both of them to go into labor. Later on Pikul overhears the police talking about arresting a fugitive thinking it was her she ran to get her baby and instead took Ladas baby. She makes a...
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Fai Ruk Plerng Kaen

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First Yosaruns father and the father of Prae were business partners but then his father cheated her father. This betrayal turned her father her younger brother and her mother crazy and shattered her whole family. Because of this her uncle took care of her and when she graduated abroad she decided to come back to Thailand to take revenge on the man who destroyed her family. To achieve her goal...
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The Universe's Star

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This is the love story between gifted singer-songwriter Woo-Joo and the angel of death...
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Room Alone 2: The Series

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This series shows stories of lonely people in the age of social media. Everyone stays by themselves on the same floor from room 401 to 410. Although their lifestyles may be different the owner of each room has to confront with the same problem and that is loneliness. Social media seems to be the only choice for them to have someone for talking liking and following. However in reality that...
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Scandal: A Shocking And Wrongful Incident

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Ha Eun Joong was kidnapped in an act of revenge when he was really young by the man who believed that Eun Joongs real father was the mastermind behind the collapsed building incident that killed his son. Eun Joong who grew up to be a policeman was shocked to find out the truth that the father he loved so much was actually his kidnapper. His life began to get entwined with Woo Ah Mi a 26 year...
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Jigoku Shoujo (drama)

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Somewhere in the vast sea of the Internet theres a website that can only be accessed at the stroke of midnight. Known as the Jigoku Tsushin rumor has it that if you post a grudge there the Jigoku Shoujo will appear and drag whoever torments you into the inferno. Very little is known about the girl - all we know for sure is that she lives with her equally enigmatic grandmother that three...
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Late Night Restaurant

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A late night restaurant opens at midnight and closes at 7am. The owner and chef of the restaurant makes whatever his customers ask...
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Wild Chives And Soybean Soup

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This drama will depict humorous clashes between two families of a high school couple who become pregnant after a mischievous World Cup night in 2002 and are forced to marry but break up due to opposition from their families. They go separate ways and the girl goes so far as to change her name and face to live a completely different life. Then the couple reunite twelve years later and get...
Asian Drama, Asian Family Drama, Asian Food Drama, Asian Romance Drama

Potato Star 2013 Qr3

(views: 3)

Computer programmer Hong Hye-Sung dreams of becoming the Korean Mark Zuckerberg. An astronomical phenomenon occurs. A comet that falls onto earth in 2013 and causes all sorts of weird things to start happening. Therefore the troubling things happen to the Noh family and their...
Asian Drama, Asian Family Drama, Asian Fantasy Drama, Asian Romance Drama, Asian Sitcom Drama

Pleasantly Surprised

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Du Kai Qi is an independent single woman who loves comic books and her job as a chef in the fine-dining French restaurant Figaro Cuisine. When an unassuming man Fu Zi Jie moves in next door they immediately begin to bicker over trivial matters. But when Zi Jie shows up as a new employee at her restaurant Kai Qi as well as other staff members mistake him for a lowly intern not knowing...
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Tian Na is a normal high school girl until the schools most handsome guy Jie confesses to her. For their first date Jie brings her to a space-time video store and suddenly disappears on their way home. Tinas necklace that she has been wearing since she was young also disappears leaving Tina with only a card that says Game Start. In order to find Jie and her necklace she goes on a...
Asian Drama, Asian Fantasy Drama, Asian Mystery Drama, Asian Romance Drama, Asian Vampire Drama

Doctors 2 Saikyou No Meii

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Surgeon Sagara Kosuke changed the mentalities of the doctors and nurses at Dogami General Hospital with a mixture of severity and cajoling. Before that the hospital appeared to be a hopeless case. All the director Dogami Tamaki and administrator Momoi Shoichi thought of was its finances while the doctors did not care about patients. But Sagara is not the typical medical hero who is a stifling...
Asian Drama, Asian Medical Drama

Kamen Teacher

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Gota Araki begins work at a new high school. He is assigned to the schools notorious 2nd Year Class C as their homeroom teacher. All of the students in Class C are violent delinquents who have no respect for authority figures. Gota Araki quickly becomes acclimated with the students during his first day. He is beaten by his students but he doesnt fight back. Gota Araki wants to breakthrough...
Asian Drama, Asian Manga Drama, Asian School Drama
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