Do You Believe? 2017 2017

Genre: Fantasy | Horror
Release: 2017
Directors: Richard Tavernaro
Stars: Gina Ann Riggs, Mandy Neuhaus, Devin Williams, Nicholas Cordts, Paul Mariskanish, Julia Reilly, Keller Fornes, Isabella Frommelt
Views: 460 viewed

Do You Believe? 2017 Movie Abstract Content :

A group of teenage friends spend the evening telling stories - only to find the stories are all too real...


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The Endless

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This mind-bending thriller follows two brothers who receive a cryptic video message inspiring them to revisit the UFO death cult they escaped a decade earlier. Hoping to find the closure that they couldnt as young men theyre forced to reconsider the cults beliefs when confronted with unexplainable phenomena surrounding the camp. As the members prepare for the coming of a mysterious event the...
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Devil 2.0

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Gremlins: Recall

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A company by the name of Wing have created Mogwais that can be adopted as family pets with no ill consequences -- or so they thought. Tiny terror is unleashed at a local diner when a teen girl interferes with a Wing drivers live...
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Do You Believe? 2017

(views: 0)

A group of teenage friends spend the evening telling stories - only to find the stories are all too...
Fantasy | Horror

The Black Pit Of Dr. M

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Two doctors make a pact in which they swear that the first to die will return - if possible - to tell the other how to get a glimpse of the afterlife while still...
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The Mummy's Ghost

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An Egyptian high priest travels to America to reclaim the bodies of ancient Egyptian princess Ananka and her living guardian mummy Kharis. Learning that...
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