Kochin Pa! 2015

Genre: Music Anime
Release: 2015
Views: 395 viewed

Kochin Pa! Movie Abstract Content :

15-second television anime adaptation of pachinko and slot machine parlor Island's "Aira Project" commercials.


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Kochin Pa!

(views: 1)

15-second television anime adaptation of pachinko and slot machine parlor Islands Aira Project...
Music Anime

Marginal#4: Kiss Kara Tsukuru Big Bang

(views: 1)

The television anime of Rejet and Idea Factorys Marginal#4 franchise. The in-story idol unit Marginal#4 will perform the opening theme song while each episode of the anime will have a different musical act contributing its ending theme...
Music Anime, Shoujo Anime

Idol Time Pripara

(views: 0)

The story focuses on Yui a girl who lives in the town of Paparajuku and who dreams of being an idol even if she realizes that being an idol is next to impossible for her. Her friends often remark on how much she dreams about it. But then the PriPara idol theme park opens in her town and that an idol named Laala is coming to town from Parajuku which only makes Yui dream even bigger. The new...
Music Anime, School Anime, Shoujo Anime

Mori No Yousei: Kinoko No Musume

(views: 1)

Oso-teki Kinoko Gijinka Zukan osos Kinoko Personification Pictoral Book a picture book that turns mushroom varieties into girls is being adapted into a television anime. The 3D CG anime will air in 2017 and will tell an original story with musical...
Music Anime, Fantasy Anime

Dream Festival!

(views: 0)

One day second year high school student Kanade Amamiya is suddenly scouted by legendary idol Haruto Mikami. He now faces the life an idol with others in the same agency. He aims to make his CD debut in Dream Festival! joined by the mysterious Shin Oikawa the stoic Junya Sasaki the kind but passionate Itsuki Katagiri and the clumsy but smart Chizuru Sawamura. In order to receive the Dream...
Music Anime, ONA Anime


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