Love Now 2012

Genre: family ; romance
Release: 2012
Views: 2594 viewed

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Shining Inheritance

(views: 0)

Go Eun Sung Han Hyo Joo was studying overseas in New York and returned to Korea during her vacation to bring her autistic brother Eun Woo to the United States to study music. Sun Woo Hwan Lee Seung Ki who was also studying in New York was ordered to return to Korea by his grandmother Jang Sook Ja to learn how to manage her food company. Eun Sung and Hwan who were on the same flight...
family ; romance

Dummy Mommy

(views: 1)

The drama describes love forgiveness and reconciliation of a mother with little intelligence and her...
family ; romance

I Summon You Gold

(views: 0)

A drama which drily draws the bluff and fact of the middle class which desires the high class. It will talk about the reality of a middle class family and their money problems as well as love and marriage. Mong Hee and Yoo Na both played by Han Ji Hye are two different woman who look exactly the same. Mong Hee is street salesperson who is cheerful and hopeful. She dreams of being a jewelry...
family ; romance

Creating Destiny

(views: 0)

Han Sang Eun emigrated to Australia with her family at a young age. Years later she has completed her law studies in the United States and plans to marry her American boyfriend. Her dad however is strongly opposed to their union and has set his heart on her marrying Kim Yeo Joon the son of his best friend. Sang Eun finds herself exiled to Korea where she reluctantly teams up with the equally...
family ; romance

A Little Love Never Hurts

(views: 2)

A heartwarming family drama centering on a couple’s remarriage in the twilight years of their lives forcing two families of grown adult children to become one big family. This drama will describe how those grown-up children will re-act and deal with this new situation and their eventual acceptance of each other as a new family. It also depicts...
family ; romance
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