My Too Perfect Sons 2009

Genre: Drama
Release: 2009
Views: 604 viewed

My Too Perfect Sons Movie Abstract Content :

"My too Perfect Sons" is a story of a family with 4 sons and the families that are connected to the sons.  The eldest son is Jin-Poong (Son Hyun-Joo ) who is a pharmacist at "Sol Pharmacy". He is about 40 years old. His mother wants him to marry a teacher, but he dates Soo-Jin ([[Park Seon-Young]) who is a lawyer. Soo-Jin needs to marry soon, but can't marry right away. After her sister-in-law passed away, Soo-Jin takes care of her two nephews and her brother. Jin-Poong and Soo-Jin breaks up, but they get back together. Jin-Poong's mother is against their marriage because of her situation, but Jin-Poong kneels down in front of his mom's room for 3 days. Finally, Jin-Poong's mom relents and lets them get married.  The second son is Dae-Poong (Lee Pil-Mo) who is a doctor. He runs a small clinic on the second floor of the Sol Pharmacy. There is Bok-Sil (Yoo-Sun) who is a nurse. Dae-Poong often jokes around with her and Bok-Sil sometimes helps Dae-Poong with the family chores. Bok-Sil has a secret. Her real name is Jennifer and is a doctor. She hates her father, because after her father's real wife died, he never visited her mother. After Jennifer's mom's death, she gave up everything and lived as nurse Bok-Sil. She likes Dae-Poong, but he doesn't take her seriously. Because of this, Bok-Sil becomes hurt and leaves him. After she leaves, Dae-Poong misses her and realizes his true feelings for her. Now, Dae-Poong attempts to win back Bok-Sil's heart.  The third son is Sun-Poong (Han Sang-Jin) who is reporter at a broadcasting company. Through some ups and downs in his relationship, Sun-Poong marries actress Eun-Ji (Yu Ha-Na) and lives with his wife's parents. Sun-Poong's father and father-in-law have known each other for a long time and are friends. From an early point in their marriage, they have had conflicts.  The last son is Mi-Poong ( Ji Chang-Wook) who is studying for college. He brings his friend's baby and, shortly later, the baby's mother to their house. The mom and baby have no place to live and the baby's father is serving in the military.


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