Sammy & Co: Turtle Paradise 2017

Genre: Animation | Family
Release: 2017
Views: 65 viewed

Sammy & Co: Turtle Paradise Movie Abstract Content :

Young turtle Ricky dreams of adventure, but nobody takes him seriously. When a mysterious creature threatens the reefs safety, Ricky and his friends embark on a mission to find the monster and save their home.


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Sammy & Co: Turtle Paradise

(views: 2)

Young turtle Ricky dreams of adventure but nobody takes him seriously. When a mysterious creature threatens the reefs safety Ricky and his friends embark on a mission to find the monster and save their...
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The Butter Battle Book

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A tale of two hostile neighboring countries one country is occupied by the Yooks while the other is occupied by the Zooks. Both countries dont agree with each others ideology. Due to this issue they ended up building a wall in between the border of the two opposing cultures. The main reason they hate each other is because both cultures have a different way of buttering their bread. The Yooks...
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Wynken, Blynken & Nod

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The three sleepy children sail in their shoe-boat; they stall briefly on a cloud then have various troubles with their fishing lines one lands a fish-like star that ends up squirming in his pants. A star hooks two candy-cane baited lines together. The stars tease the baby while hes hanging overboard. A comet comes through; they catch it in a net and it tows them wildly until they land in...
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3 Little Pigs And The Magic Lamp

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Three little pigs Melanie Danny and Bobby are best friends and longing for adventure. One day they find a treasure map which could lead them to the mysterious magic lamp unlocking the mystery and secrets of the forest. Along the way in their quest the pigs encounter the original owners of the treasure map the evil wolves who want it back. Everyone knows that whoever holds the magic lamp can...
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The Jungle Book: The Legend Of The Giant Claw

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From deep within the jungle comes a mighty roar...a roar that could only come from one creature the Giant Claw! When Mowgli s search of this legendary creature ends with an unexpected discovery he must race against time to thwart Shere Khan s evil plan and rescue a...
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Bob The Builder: Construction Heroes!

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Grab your tools and get ready for teamwork time with Bob the Builder and his trusty crew! Spring City is abuzz with new construction and Bob the Builder and his team are there for all the action! From constructing the amazing new Spring City Splash water park to developing an exciting motocross course Bob and his team prove that with a positive attitude and whole lot of laughter theres...
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Thomas & Friends: Start Your Engines!

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Thomas and Friends are racing on the rails. The clock is ticking for Thomas Bertie and Spencer to get to the castle on time. As Philip shows Gordon how fast he can go slow Stephen proves he can save the day. James and Thomas are on opposite tracks when the Big Game comes to Sodor while Caitlin gives Emily an unexpected boost. Race down the tracks with Thomas and his friends. Contains the...
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Lego Friends: Girlz 4 Life

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True Friendship in the Glamorous World of Pop!Join Olivia Stephanie Emma Mia and Andrea as they learn about friendship fame and pop star fun in Heartlake City.The girls friendships are tested when mega pop star Livi comes to Heartlake City. When our friends hit song Girlz is stolen by Livis manager its time for a cunning plan.As the girls try to tell Livi the truth about her latest...
Animation | Family


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