The Final Lightsaber Battle 2017

Genre: Sci-Fi | Short
Release: 2017
Stars: Wesley Wakelin
Views: 138 viewed

The Final Lightsaber Battle Movie Abstract Content :

Jedi vs Sith vs Clone Troopers...


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Scout: A Star Wars Story

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Scout A Star Wars Story tells the tale of Dax Orrell a soldier on The Forest Moon of Endor during Return of the Jedi who wakes up in a daze with no idea as to where the rest of his battalion has...
Sci-Fi | Short

Jedi's Code

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When the smuggler Kai Arclighter crash lands on the remote world of Adara Prime hes forced to confront his Jedi past. The nefarious Imperial Agent Pi-Thea-Tezu has Kai in her sights. Can Kai reconnect with the Force to vanquish his foe? Or will he become another fallen Jedi for the glory of the...
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Eternal: A Star Wars Fan Film

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It is a dark era of war for the galaxy over 3000 years before the events of Death Stars and Skywalkers. THE ETERNAL EMPIRE crushes both the Jedi and Sith alike in their conquest of the galaxy. SENYA TIRALL the weary knight and former wife to the IMMORTAL EMPEROR VALKORION seeks out traitors on the far edges of space. Far away are her twin sons ARCANN and THEXAN leading the conquest whilst...
Sci-Fi | Short


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