Ushinawareta Mirai O Motomete 2014

Genre: Romance Anime, School Anime
Release: 2014
Views: 390 viewed

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Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu

(views: 1)

Maiharu Hiromi has moved to Kamakura Nagasaki and rides a bicycle to school everyday. Then she meets Akizuki Tomoe the leader of the girls cycling club. She therefore joins the club and her life gradually begins to...
School Anime, Shounen Anime, Sports Anime

Tsuki Ga Kirei

(views: 1)

Kotarou Azumi and Akane Mizuno became third year students at junior high school and are classmates for the first time. These two along with fellow classmates Chinatsu Nishio and Takumi Hira relate to their peers through mutual understandings and feelings. As their final year at junior high school progresses the group overcome their challenges to mature and become aware of changes...
Romance Anime, School Anime


(views: 1)

The series revolves around kabuki a classic style of Japanese dance-drama that combines music drama and dance. Kurogo Kurusu a 15-year-old high school student has a passion for kabuki and hopes to establish a kabuki club at school. Things are not easy as they seem when he realizes that he needs to find students to join...
School Anime

Taisho Baseball Girls

(views: 1)

In 1925 year 14 of the Taisho era baseball is still quite unknown in Japan and there are only a few male teams. After being told by a baseball player that women should become housewives instead of going to school 14-year-old Akiko invites her friend Koume to start a baseball team in order to prove him wrong. During this time when even running was considered too vulgar for women baseball is...
School Anime, Sports Anime


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