Wwe Nxt: Season 12 2010

Genre: Action, Game-Show, Reality-TV
Release: 2010
Directors: N/A
Stars: Darren Matthews, Drake Wuertz, Matt Polinsky, Danilo Anfibio
Duration: 60 min
Views: 26 viewed

Wwe Nxt: Season 12 Movie Abstract Content :

Wrestlers will portray heroes or villains as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches.


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Black Panther

(views: 3)

After the events of Captain America: Civil War King TChalla returns home to the reclusive technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as his countrys new leader. However TChalla soon finds that he is challenged for the throne from factions within his own country. When two foes conspire to destroy Wakanda the hero known as Black Panther must team up with C.I.A. agent Everett...
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds

(views: 1)

After a heroic death a firefighter navigates the afterlife with the help of three...
Action, Drama, Fantasy


(views: 0)

Legend says that the sacred crystal is the source for all life and was created at the beginning of time. Kyla has sought the crystal to use its powers for himself and he takes the crystal...
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Jagga Jasoos

(views: 0)

Join Jagga a gifted teenage detective who along with a female companion is on a quest to find his missing...
Action, Adventure, Comedy

Mumon: The Land Of Stealth

(views: 0)

What is the only thing that can stand in the way of a ruthless warlord after total domination of a country? Ninjas. When ninja Mumon kills another fierce ninja in order to claim a reward...
Action, Romance


(views: 0)

Accused of heinous crimes he didnt commit a prosecutor sets out on a mission to clear his...


(views: 0)

A local toughie is hired as a bodyguard to protect a girl from the rivals of her family and becomes a natural target for her enemies. In the process he ends up falling in love with...
Action, Comedy, Romance


(views: 0)

Vincent Marra is a Miami cop on medical leave in Puerto Rico where hes being stalked by a sex offender he testified against. Vincents girlfriend leaves him for a job as a hostess in...
Action, Thriller


(views: 0)

Set in the near future where Rhett Murphy and his estranged sister Jean are forced to flee from a militant police state after witnessing the dark secrets of a nefarious...
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller


Date Night: Season 1

(views: 2)

The brand-new future of dating has arrived. Date Night is a spontaneous fun-filled dating show. Singles looking for love will use their family and friends to find their perfect match. Together from their couches theyll play this online dating game swiping through prospective suitors until they find The One. Theyll laugh cringe and squirm until they meet the person of their dreams...
Game-Show, Romance

The Bachelor Winter Games: Season 1

(views: 2)

Americas favorite participants from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette from arch rivals to villains will take competitive dating to a chilling new level. In an ode to the Winter Olympic Games and slated to premiere in February 2018 The Bachelor Winter Games will reunite the all-stars at a luxurious winter resort where they will go head-to-head in winter-themed athletic...
Game-Show, Reality-TV, Romance

Karena & Kasey's Kitchen: Season 2

(views: 2)

They took MasterChef by storm now Karena and Kasey are taking their cooking skills on a global world tour! Made with support from NZ On...

Gritty To Pretty: Season 1

(views: 0)

Real estate investor Jeremy Cole takes on severely neglected homes in Kalamazoo...

Stargate Origins: Season 1

(views: 1)

Young Catherine Langford embarks on an unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save the Earth from...
Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Property Brothers: Season 13

(views: 0)

The Property Brothers are determined to help couples find buy and transform extreme fixer-uppers into the ultimate dream home. And since its hard to see beyond a dated propertys...

Survival Of The Fittest: Season 1

(views: 1)

Sees a group of young hot singles living together under the searing sun as they take part in the ultimate battle of the sexes in order to win a big cash prize. A team of girls and a team of boys will battle it out in a series of stunning physical and mental challenges to determine which sex has the upper hand while romantic dates will test their loyalties to the limit. Will the girls put...

Get Away For Winter: Season 1

(views: 2)

follows friends and families as they work out how to fund and find rental properties abroad to escape the worst of the British...
Reality-TV, Travel

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 25

(views: 1)

A team of teenagers with attitude are recruited to save Angel Grove from the evil witch Rita Repulsa and later Lord Zedd Emperor of all he sees and their horde of...
Action, Adventure, Family

The Launch: Season 1

(views: 0)

A six part talent search where unknown singers are matched with original...
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